Fast and Noninvasive Body Conturing, Slimming Treatment and Anti-age Face protocols

Eximia refers to the combination of two technologies that have taken the world by storm. These technologies proved that if you want to fight against cellulite, then the solution lies in technology.

Here we are talking about Laserporation and Microdermolift, Endoradiomag, and Radioporation.

There is no comparison when it comes to the technology used in Eximia. Till now, no other machine is combined in such an amazing way to provide outstanding and real results.

This machine allows getting visible results right after the first session and Eximia provides comfortable treatment without any pain to enhance skin tone, elasticity, and smoothness in your skin.

Innovation, Avant-Garde and Sequential Technology

EXIMIA HR77 Platinum, whit this EXCLUSIVE METHODOLOGY UNIQUE of its kind, naturally energizes the capacity of auto-regeneration by sequential metabolic cellular stimulation of tissues compromised by persistent fat and inveterate cellulite besides cutaneous laxity and aging.

Eximia HR77 Platinum: Evolution of Perfection

Eximia HR77 Platinum is the ideal solution to reduce fat, improve oxygenation, remove the excess centimeters, abolishing the annoying and persistent cellulite, stimulate the shaping, firming, toning and regenerating, here is the NEW FUTURE OF BEAUTY SPECIALIST.

Why the multi-technological METHOD HR77 PLATINUM

The MULTI-TECHNOLOGY EXIMIA HR77 PLATINUM is an effective method as it guarantees results in a short time and visible from the first application.

Bio - Lipolifting of EXIMIA HR77 PLATINUM

The 7DAYS that is only 7 days of applications with the minimum duration of 40 minutes to achieve the aesthetic target.

The Purpose

The programs are divided into different work settings on the basis of your purpose. It depends whether you want it for weight loss, fat reduction, or double chin removal. It has the capability to work effectively on difficult and delicate body areas, such as arms and neck.

Instant Inch Loss

This machine encourages the lymph glands to work for flushing out extra toxins and fluid from the body. Actually, it targets your fat cells in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite. You may need multiple sessions to achieve your target but this will be determined at the time of consultation.

Double Chin Removal

When the machine is applied to the specific area, then it works only for that area of your body. If you just need to get rid of your double chin, you may get wonderful results. Eximia works through its effective lasers and Pico and nanotechnology to provide you desired results.

Fat Reduction

The body gets slim when any extra fat is removed from it. Eximia works as a slimming and fat reduction treatment. Its double wavelength removes extra fat from your body and enhances the contours. As a result, you get a beautifully shaped and slim body without any side-effect.

4 Motion

Painless, automated extractions use vacuum suction to draw out impurities.



Laser Activation of Mitochondria


Main Features

 Innovative Formula • Fast & Smart Concept • Non – Invasive & Safe


What You should know / Frequently Ask Questions

It works for reducing wrinkles, improving skin tone, and creating an unnoticeable lifting effect.

In summary, this machine helps to improve oxygenation, reduces fat, eliminate cellulite, removes excess skin, tones and rejuvenates skin & tissues, and provides smoothness to your skin.