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Dr. Volkan Uygunuçarlar

In addition of Dermatology and Plastic reconstructive surgery treatments we have adopted the medical and scientific approach that aims for perfection with aesthetic surgery, medical and beauty treatments.

We aim to applying surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments and procedures to our patients with the latest technology devices used by our team of well-known and respected specialist’s doctor’s experts in their field holding more than 15 years of successful career.

We will help you achieve your goals and our team will support you through every step of the process while you enjoy the luxury experience you deserve.

All patients wishing to seek the benefits of cosmetic and medical therapies to boost their image and self-esteem with the latest technological devices should know that with us it’s all about the details, from the start till the beautiful finish.

Welcome to Beauty Clinic ─

It’s my pleasure to Welcome you all to our new Beauty Clinic by Turkish Hospital.

I am honored to announce the opening of Turkish Hospital first subsidiary and to offer you only the best from dermatology, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, medical and beauty treatments in our state of art designed Beauty Clinic with the latest technology of machines.

Mission ─────

Our Mission is to provide unparalleled aesthetic results to all our customers keeping in mind the safety and efficacy of all our treatments.

Vision ─────

Our Vision is to be the premier brand in the aesthetic and dermatology domain in the GCC region. We aspire to be the most preferred brand for our customers.

Appointed as Cardiologist and Medical Director at the same time, Dr. Halit Alüzüm takes pride in performing his duties by always demonstrating focus on Patient Care as most important aspect of the medical quality.

With his 24 years of experience as physician and over 17 years practice as Cardiologist he also deals with recruiting, policies & regulations and he is providing oversight of clinical and operational management.

He ensures medical compliance with policies and regulatory requirements, liaising with our department head Mrs Ivana Zecevic to ensure consistency in the standards and organization’s objectives are met facility wide.

His practice combines several qualities not limited to – personal resilience, integrity, honesty, openness and the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people from staff to patients and the public.

As medical director he monitors the training and development of the team, awarding promotions and administering disciplinary actions as needed.

He creates and implements a best practice program, maintaining a consistent level of quality of care offered to patients.


Medical Director

Dr. Halit Alüzüm

Team ─────

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